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Benefit of Local audience

A great resource for your business is the benefit of a local audience for your ad. By advertising in your local paper, you are able to reach people that are in close vicinity to your business. You are also integrating your business into the local community by placing your ad among local news and events.

New Customers and Prospects

Newspaper advertising is another venue for your message, and therefore you will reach more people than if you are focused only on online marketing, email marketing, etc.

As a norm, People expect Ads in Newspapers

People are less likely to be annoyed by your ad in the paper than an ad on the TV or radio. Not only do they expect to see advertisements, but the ads also don’t interrupt them from reading an article.

Readers can look at the ad for a long time

This is a plus because you can put more information in a newspaper ad (i.e. pricing, phone number, website, etc.) and people will be able to get a good look at it. This differs from radio advertising, TV advertising, and billboard advertising, where the message flashes by quickly.

Target based on Location and Interest

One of the benefits of a Free Newspaper is the ability to target a particular location for distribution. Target advertising helps your ad target particular location of town or city where there are more readers and homeowners. If you own a business that correlates to a section of the newspaper, you can target your ad to people that read that section. For example, if you sell home improvement gear, you could advertise in the home improvement section of the paper. This is a win-win situation: it will actually cost you less than advertising in the main section, but you will get a more targeted audience.

Coupons Advertising

Newspapers are the perfect medium for the distribution of coupons. The physical act of tearing out a coupon creates a strong level of engagement with your message, increasing the probability of people coming into your store.

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