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A 96 Page Detailed Book On Basketball’s Flex Offense That Includes 183 Clearly Explained Diagrams About One Of The Most Effective Offenses In Basketball.

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Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers

This Valuable Resource Provides The Locations And Descriptions Of Over 700 Mountain Passes And Steep Grades In 22 States. Vital Information For Anyone Driving A Large Or Heavy Vehicle.

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7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom Workbook: Focusing the Word of Truth on the Raging Sea of Treacherous Lies


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

In these end times we need to know the truth that will set us free from pandemic apostate teachings, demonic deceptions and devastating uncertainties. The author is well qualified to write such a book. He pastored churches for over 35 years. He has studies in a wide range of the sciences. He taught High School chemistry while pastoring in North Dakota. Most of all, he has been a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian for nearly 59 years. This workbook for “7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom” will guide you through many bondage breaking concepts that are found in its textbook. You will start at the bottom of the “ladder” and climb it one step at a time until you come to “God’s Glorious Freedom.” Many of the things you find in it are not well known by the general public. Sad to say, many of God’s people are confused when it comes to the main message of the Bible, which is the Word of God. This study will help you overcome the pitfalls that plague so many today. When you have completed this study you will be enlightened in the essential life changing areas found in the Holy Bible and True Science that will make your life less complicated. Life will take on a new meaning when you learn how blessed it is to have a loving, personal relationship with the God of the Universe. The bad news is given first. This is where most people are existing today. As you climb the steps up the ladder you will be lead through “the valley of the shadow of death” into the clear skies of God’s redeeming love and grace. As you climb higher you will see a Logic Diagram that will show you how inductive and deductive logic work together. In the Communication Diagram you will see how the triangle of Faith-Intuition-Symbol works together to define the 7 ways we communicate the thoughts and intentions of our hearts. There is also a section that helps you formulate a Christian theology. You may be surprised to find out evolution is a religious faith and has nothing to do with true science. With over 300

The Gift of the Tortoise: New Insights into the I Ching


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

Devotees of the I Ching will find new concepts to explore in THE GIFT OF THE TORTOISE: NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE I CHING. It offers new ways of seeing into the core of the I Ching, Hexagrams, lines, construction of an oracle and how it can guide us in our modern world. Building on the authors’ basic text, QUESTIONING THE ORACLE: THE I CHING, are such riddles as: is there a secret behind the Textual number? Is there a reason behind the changes? Can the I Ching help us to look back in time, to better understand our past? These and other questions kept the authors searching over decades of study. Their findings pave a new trail, echoing the Oracle in expressing nature’s intrinsic balance. Math fans will have much to ponder, and drawings illustrate each point. This book point readers toward the ultimate goal; union with the flow of Chi and communion with one’s formless Spirit. Areas explored include: Quantifying Time, Gathering Momentum, Trioles, Hearing the Oracle, Patterns, Reverse and Interim Hexagrams, Tri-une Triplets and the Emperor, Parallels and a Parable. A Glossary, Index, extensive Bibliography, and Hexagram Cards close the book. Also in this breakthrough text: Bigram, Binary System, Codon, Co-Index, Conversion, Division, Drama Triangle, Duplets, Elements, Emperor, Greater Heaven, Head, Shell and Tail Hexagrams, Law of Odd and Even, Logon, Marks, Negative Logic, Nominee, Octonary, Oracle, Pairs, Pokon, Power Triangle, Quaternary System, Rolling, Smaller Heaven, Star Patterns, Sum-Cells, Trigrams, Un-Time, Utmost Heaven, Wu-Chi, Yang-flow, Yin-flow, etc. A merging of minds and talents is evident in this work, with psychology and artistry aiding readers in visualizing concepts, with hundreds of graphics.

Groovy Geometry: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

Don’t Just Learn Geometry. Master It Brimming with fun and educational games and activities, the Magical Math series provides everything you need to know to become a master of mathematics In each of these books, Lynette Long uses her unique style to help you truly understand mathematical concepts as you use common objects such as playing cards, dice, coins, and every mathematician’s basic tools: paper and pencil. Inside Groovy Geometry, you’ll find all the geometry basics, plus information on how to figure out the height of any object from its shadow, find distances “as the crow flies,” estimate the area of any space, and much more. While you play the Name Game and Rectangle Race, you’ll learn how to draw, measure, and identify different kinds of angles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. And with fun activities like Bull’s Eye and Pizza Party, you’ll practice plotting coordinate points on a graph and measuring the area and diameter of a circle. Most important, you’ll have a great time doing it So why wait? Jump right in and find out how easy it is to become a mathematics master

Between Lovers


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

With each new novel, Eric Jerome Dickey has established himself as one of the freshest and most exciting writers on America’s contemporary fiction scene. His latest book is no exception. Set in the San Francisco Bay area, Between Lovers brings together three irresistible characters. The novel’s narrator a Los Angeles-based writer is still reeling from being dumped by Nicole after seven good years followed by an aborted trip to the altar. Nicole grew up during their time together, and changed-she became a successful career woman, moved north to Oakland, and fell in love with another woman. But she’s still not satisfied. She likes what she has, but misses what she had, and wants to find out if she can have it all. She’s playing with fire, not to mention the feelings of the two people who love her most in the world, but Nicole lures her former fiance back into her new life, opening the floodgates of anger, passion, pain. and refreshing honesty. How these three fascinating people handle this unusual and complex love triangle makes for one of Dickey’s most provocative and unforgettable novels.

Elliott Wave Trading: Principles and Trading Strategies


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

Elliott Wave analysis provides a comprehensive method of technical analysis based on crowd psychology and pattern recognition. The challenge most traders confront is translating Elliott Wave into tradable strategies. In this video, noted Elliott Wave analyst Jeffrey Kennedy explains how the Wave principle can be used to improve trading. Broadly speaking, the Wave principle can assist in: identifying a trend; identifying a countertrend; identifying the termination and resumption of a trend; identifying high-probability trades; and identifying high-risk market conditions. In the classic 5-wave trend and 3-wave correction pattern, Kennedy advocates entries at the outset of Waves 3 and 5 during the major move and at the outset of waves A and C on the corrective move. Kennedy then discusses how to trade a variety of continuation patterns, such as zig zags, triangles, flats, and diagonals, providing viewers with clear entry and exit points. Kennedy emphasizes that Elliott in and of itself is not a trading methodology, rather it provides a context for market analysis and finding low-risk/high-reward trades. The video concludes with Kennedy providing his long-term projections for agricultural commodities, energy, and metals. Viewers of the video will learn: The basic Elliott Wave patternsThe best trading areas in both impulse and corrective wavesHow to trade complex wavesLong-term Elliott Wave patterns in agricultural commodities, energy, and metalsFilled with examples from recent market activity, Kennedy shows how to translate Elliott Wave analysis into real-world trading strategies.

Berli India: Handbook


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

Berlitz Handbook India is the ultimate practical, inspirational guide to this fascinating destination, with 304 pages combining authoritative narrative detail and stunning color photography. What sets the guide apart is the illuminating Unique Experiences section, packed full of practical advice on how to make the most of all the opportunities unique to India – from spotting tigers to stretching at a yoga retreat, or joining in the celebrations at a colorful festival. The guide starts with a rundown of India’s Top 25 Attractions, ranging from the splendors of the Taj Mahal to the atmospheric Varanasi ghats. In the Trip Planner you’ll find itineraries outlining how best to maximise your time in the sub-continent, whether you have two weeks to travel India’s “Golden Triangle” of Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan, or five weeks to explore the heights of the Himalaya. The Places Section tackles each of India’s regions in turn – starting with the historic but forward-looking capital of Delhi and finishing up in the lush backwaters of Kerala. Each chapter is color-coded for easy reference, and features everything you’ll need to know about the sights and attractions in the area as well as maps to help you get around and carefully chosen listings of the best places to sleep, eat, drink, and get active. The Places section is interspersed with fully mapped tours, suggesting walks including around the Red Fort and Qutb Minar sites in Delhi and among the atmospheric ruins of Hampi, and Cultural Spreads that give a striking insight into an element of India’s artistic, popular or religious culture, from Bollywood in Mumbai to pilgrimages in the northwest Himalaya. Further practical advice is provided in a chapter dedicated to accommodations, transportation, health and safety, money and budgeting, responsible travel, and family holidays. The Setting the Scene chapter is devoted to India’s historical and cultural background, plus information on the country’s cuisine. Finally, a handy 8-pa

Geometry for Dummies


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as of July 9, 2018 11:00 pm

Hit the geometry wall? Get up and running with this no-nonsense guide! Does the thought of geometry make you jittery? You;re not alone. Fortunately, this down-to-earth guide helps you approach it from a new angle, making it easier than ever to conquer your fears and score your highest in geometry. From getting started with geometry basics to making friends with lines and angles, you;ll be proving triangles congruent, calculating circumference, using formulas, and serving up pi in no time. Geometry is a subject full of mathematical richness and beauty. But it;s a subject that bewilders many students because it;s so unlike the math they;ve done before it requires the use of deductive logic in formal proofs. If you;re having a hard time wrapping your mind around what that even means, you;ve come to the right place! Inside, you;ll find out how a proof;s chain of logic works and even discover some secrets for getting past rough spots along the way. You don;t have to be a math genius to grasp geometry, and this book helps you get un-stumped in a hurry* Find out how to decode complex geometry proofs * Learn to reason deductively and inductively * Make sense of angles, arcs, area, and more * Improve your chances of scoring higher in your geometry class There;s no reason to let your nerves get jangled over geometry your understanding will take new shape with the help of Geometry For Dummies.

Executive Voice: Gensler's Raleigh exec talks growth, Triangle transformation

Executive Voice: Gensler’s Raleigh exec talks growth, Triangle transformation

July 5, 2018 –
Triangle Business Journal

Parker, who has about 20 years of industry experience under his belt, is charged with building the firm’s local presence – already the third-largest in the area. caught up with him to find out what he sees for the future of…

Seeking a home under $200000? Think outside the Beltline – way outside the Beltline.

Seeking a home under $200000? Think outside the Beltline – way outside the Beltline.

June 25, 2018 –
News & Observer

That’s how Stacey Anfindsen, an appraiser with Birch Appraisal, put it after combing through the numbers in his monthly Triangle Area Residential Realty Market Report. Since June 2013, the number of homes available with a list price below There is…

Triangle will celebrate Fourth of July with cooler temperatures, chance for rain

Triangle will celebrate Fourth of July with cooler temperatures, chance for rain

July 3, 2018 –

After heat indexes in the 100s for the past two days, the Fourth of July will be cooler, with highs in the upper 80s, as a chance for a storm enters the area. According to WRAL meteorologist Find Fourth of July fireworks near you. The greatest…

Places to visit in the Triangle if you are a caregiver for a loved one

Places to visit in the Triangle if you are a caregiver for a loved one

June 24, 2018 –

The park features free parking, restrooms, an elevated observation platform, the ability to hear communication between pilots and the tower, a picnic area, play area, educational placards, and a grassy knoll. If you are looking for a multi-generational…

4 Ways to Calculate the Area of a Triangle – wikiHow

To calculate the area of a triangle, start by measuring 1 side of the triangle to get the triangle’s base. Then, measure the height of the triangle by measuring from the center of the base to the point directly across from it.

Area of a triangle (video) | Khan Academy

So hopefully that makes you feel pretty good about this formula that you will see in geometry, that area of a triangle is one half base times height, while the area of a rectangle or a paralleogram is going to be base times height.

Area of triangles (article) | Khan Academy

Intuition for why the area of a triangle is one half of base times height.

Area of Triangles Without Right Angles – Maths Resources

Area = ½ bh = ½ × 20 × 12 = 120 Knowing Three Sides There’s also a formula to find the area of any triangle when we know the lengths of all three of its sides.

How to find the Area of a Triangle –

Area of a Triangle tutorial. Pictures, examples and many practice problems on how to find the area of a triangle from its base and its height.


Go to for LIVE online tutoring from the creators of Math Motor! Watch this detailed step-by-step video on how to find the area of a triang…

How to find the area of a right triangle – Basic Geometry

Free practice questions for Basic Geometry – How to find the area of a right triangle. Includes full solutions and score reporting.

Cool math .com – The Geometry of Triangles

The sides, a and b, of a right triangle are called the legs, and the side that is opposite to the right (90 degree) angle, c, is called the hypotenuse. This formula will help you find the length of either a, b or c, if you are given the lengths of the other two.

Triangle Calculator

Likely the most commonly known equation for calculating the area of a triangle involves its base, b, and height, h. The “base” refers to any side of the triangle where the height is represented by the length of the line segment drawn from the vertex opposite the base, to a point on the base that forms a perpendicular.

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