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  1. Do you have a matured and aged target demographic?
  2. Is your small business related to the theme or one of the sections of the newspaper?
  3. Can you provide a mouth watering promo, offer or coupon?

If you answered yes to the questions above, your small business can probably successfully utilize newspaper advertising.

The biggest majority of newspaper readers are older, with 64% of newspaper readership over the age of 55. This compares to only 39% of Americans ages 18-34 that have read a newspaper in the past week. Therefore, newspaper ads are ideal if you are looking to target people over 55.

Newspaper advertising is great for businesses that fit into the theme or a specific section of the newspaper. For example, if you are a travel agent, you can target your ad to people that read the travel section of the paper. If you own a sporting goods store, placing an ad in the sports section will increase the chance that people that view the ad will be interested in your product. These sections are also less expensive to advertise in then the main section.

Newspapers are key coupon sources, so try advertising your small business with a coupon. Make sure that you have a placement around the edge of the newspaper, because readers are unlikely to clip out a coupon from the middle of the page.